Honey Bees Are Beneficial And Vital Insects

Honey bees, both feral (semi-wild) and colonised, are important beneficial insects, and are not normally considered as pests. They live either in rare cases in the wild in nests as feral colonies, or more normally, as colonies in hives managed by beekeepers. In either case, they will only sting people if strongly provoked.

Because of their beneficial role, every effort should be made to avoid carrying out control treatments against honey bees. Treatment with a pesticide should be considered only as the last resort.

Risks from Treated Nests

If foraging non-target honey bees find a nest which has been treated, they may come into contact with the treatment and may carry away contaminated honey. This can lead to contamination of honey destined for food use, serious bee kills, and the destruction of hives. This can amount to the loss of hundreds of pounds worth of honey and stock.


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