Update from the Pest Management Alliance:
Rodenticide Stewardship and the Professional Pest Management Sector

23 September 2015

Two years ago manufacturers and users of anticoagulant rodenticides were presented with a clear choice; ensure stewardship of these products or potentially lose their use. The members of the Pest Management Alliance were consulted by HSE/CRRU as part of the professional pest control sector. We made several key recommendations around qualifications and ongoing competence, all of which were adopted by CRRU and subsequently agreed by HSE earlier this year. It is clear that HSE and government recognise the professionalism of our sector – they certainly did not need much persuading that we are the 'gold standard'. The gamekeepers have got on board with this, recently developing a course and qualification and providing support for their members to stay up to date with changes in rodent control. The agricultural sector has realised that they too must comply with the stewardship regime, and have asked to have two different 'routes to competence’ available to farms. The first is the same as ours – to get qualified and stay up to date. The second is by remaining on an audited and accepted Farm Assurance Scheme (FAS). These are not a lower standard, as some have claimed. Nor are they an easy way out. They involve annual site audits which include the CRRU Code of Best Practice (CoBP). Failure to comply may result in expulsion from the FAS. The training of auditors in the requirements of the CRRU CoBP will be vital, and the Alliance will be pushing for high standards to be set and maintained.

To read the full update follow the link and download the full the statement.


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