In February 2010 the Pest Management Alliance issued its first document: Code of Best Practice - Humane Use of Rodent Glue Boards.

The events surrounding the document were that in July 2009, three MPs, Alan Meale, Bill Etherington and Peter Bottomley, tabled a motion in the House of Commons on the use of glue traps in the UK. The motion read:

"That this House is aware that pest controllers who are members of the British Pest Control Association are currently subject to a voluntary code on the use of rodent traps, which includes the direction that distributors should not supply glue boards to persons who are not trained or competent in pest control practices; notes that a wild mammal is protected by the provisions of the Wild Mammals (Protection) Act 1996 but also that this law does not cover animals caught in inhumane glue traps which cause them much unnecessary suffering; and believes that the Government should follow the lead of many other parliaments worldwide and recognise the cruelty of such practices by introducing legislation to ban their use in the UK".

The pest management industry in the UK recognised that, in the hands of untrained persons, glue boards can be used inappropriately and in a manner that can become inhumane. It shared the concern of animal welfare groups that glue boards are readily available for untrained persons to buy either in retail premises or on the internet.

However, the industry believed that a ban, if applied to professional users, would have a significantly adverse and unnecessary effect on the pest management industry’s ability to protect public health.

As a result, the Pest Management Alliance met to consider how best to deal with the threat to the use of glue boards by professional pest controllers.
Following consultations with Defra and Natural England, the new Code of Best Practice was drawn up and circulated to pest controllers.

The full, finalised code is available here.

Feedback and reaction from the industry and stakeholder groups has been extremely positive and a position statement has been drafted by the Alliance. Once finalised, this will be bolted on to the Code of Best Practice to create a combined statement and will be made available to all as soon as possible.

Click the image above to download the code in PDF format.

Humane Use of Glueboards